Tree Change Dolls are rescued and "made under" by a family in Tasmania, giving these little fashion dolls a "tree change," swapping high maintenance glitz and glamour for down to earth style.  This mother-daughter team repaints the doll's faces, hand-molds their shoes, and knits new clothing for the dolls, repairing and reusing these discarded toys to give them a new lease on life.

What started as a hobby inspired by a childhood playing with hand-made and used toys in the natural Tasmanian environment, has quickly grown into a small business.  The next batch of dolls for order will be available March 15, 2015 on the Tree Change Dolls Etsy shop. Interested in "making under" your own dolls? Check out these DIY tips here.

The Tree Change Dolls encourages kids to use their imaginations, express their creativity, and care for their environment through re-purposing and reusing toys and other items.  We are so inspired by the message behind Tree Change Dolls to little boys and girls everywhere: that you are good enough just the way you are!

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