Have you seen the recent Facebook movement, #ToyLikeMe? We picked it up from Nola Baby & Family Magazine. Driven by parents of disabled children, this movement aims at encouraging major toy corporations, such as Mattel and LEGO, to incorporate all-inclusive toys.

Parents from all over the globe are sharing their own adapted toys.  There's even a Toy Like Me Challenge on the move, initiating an "international toy box makeover!"

The campaign has inspired the 3D custom toy making company, Makies, to offer even greater diversity in their toys; parents and kids can now select hearing assistance devices, walking aides, and personalized birth marks for their dolls.


Etsy shop Madison Quay has also gotten behind this toy box revolution by offering repainted, made-under, and diverse branded dolls.

With greater inclusiveness in the toy market, we can empower all children and teach them to appreciate the beauty of diversity.  Check out the full Jezebel article, here.