Life happens in cycles. We've all been up, we've all been down at times.  Yet it's still easy to beat yourself up when you're low or forget humility when you're on a winning streak.  It's easy to forget that we're all human and that - while we each have our own unique story to tell - we are not alone in this cyclical and universal human experience.  Captured in each Lokai bead bracelet is water from Mt. Everest and mud from the Dead Sea - the highest and lowest points on Earth.  We love this fashionable reminder to keep yourself balanced, even when life feels like a ride on a crazy ferris wheel. 

Images from @christian-leblanc, @coletraykiss, @madisonamadorr, & @jessica-smitt0091

Even better, Lokai has offered a series of limited edition styles in support of various charities, making it even easier to contribute to and wear your passion.  Right now, Lokai's limited edition camo bracelet helps support the World Wildlife Fund.

Images from @InstaMaui & @livelokai

Skeptical about the authenticity of Lokai beads? Check out their expedition to Mt. Everest.

Celebrities, too, are inspired by Lokai beads.

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