Sesame Street's Workshop launched a global initiative last week - including Sesame Street's first Autistic character, Julia - for children ages 2 to 5 and their families and with the aim of increasing awareness and empathy around Autism. The initiative features strategies and best practices for managing daily stressors, offering support to families of children with Autism. 

Sesame Street has successfully found a way to explain the topic of Autism using the language of children, helping children understand and better connect with their Autistic peers. 


So many individuals find the conversation about Autism and mental health in general to be uncomfortable and challenging to navigate. Sesame Street's initiative encourages this conversation while providing answers and tools for children and adults alike who might feel uncomfortable approaching the subject.

Julia will go a long way toward removing the stigma of Autism, disabilities, and mental health, the first step in improving the quality of care for children with special needs!