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Holiday Gift-Wrapping Services at Little Miss Muffin

by Little Miss Muffin Staff 15 Dec 2022

holiday gift-wrapping services little miss muffin

Few things are better than finding the perfect gift for someone special in your life. Here at Little Miss Muffin, we hope to not only help you find that treasured gift, but to help you present that gift to your loved one in a memorable way too.

Our year-round and holiday gift-wrapping services offer the delightful finishing touches that enhance the gift-giving and receiving experience. In true New Orleans tradition, gift-wrapping can be that little lagniappe, from the heart and hands of our store and gift-wrapping team to you and yours.

Have questions about gift-wrapping services at Little Miss Muffin? We’re here to help.

Availability of Gift-Wrapping Services

Little Miss Muffin offers gift-wrapping services year round, complimentary and available during operating hours for in-store purchases. We also provide complimentary gift-wrap for online orders, upon the customer’s request.

Our gift-wrapping specialists are valued members of the Little Miss Muffin team. And during the holiday season, they are our stores’ very own Santa’s Treasured Helpers, providing the gift-wrapping services that we hope enhance your experiences with Little Miss Muffin.

Due to the volume of orders and purchases we process for the holiday season, during the month of December, we do require a $15 minimum purchase amount for complimentary gift-wrapping. 

For ornaments and items priced below $15, we can provide a cello bag with tissue ribbon and a Little Miss Muffin logo sticker in place of gift-wrap. 

For all other items, our team can wrap with gift bags, or wrapping paper upon request, along with tissue, ribbon, and a Little Miss Muffin logo sticker. When gift bags aren’t the right fit for your item, we provide the boxes to gift-wrap. Wrapping paper options include three solid colors to choose from: aqua, red, and white.

How to Request Gift-Wrapping Services

If purchasing items in-store, you can request gift-wrapping services at the checkout counter while completing your purchase. Our team can wrap any item you have purchased at the store previously or the day of.

A gift-wrapping team member will give you a number before beginning to wrap your item(s). After wrapping your gift, a team member will call out your number to notify you that your gift-wrapped items are ready.

During the weekends and busy holiday season, customers may want to plan for an additional 10 to 20-minute wait time for gift-wrapping services.

If purchasing items online, add your request for gift-wrapping services in the “Notes” section while placing your order.

Also of note, we will honor holiday gift returns until January 15th for items that are not excluded from the normal return policy.


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