Whereable Art Creolette Kitchen Towels

$ 12.00

Juju Doll Art is the merging of two creative souls in love, marriage and magic. The original art of Garland Robinette and the storytelling of Nancy Rhett emerge from the most soulful of places, New Orleans, Louisiana. Each piece is imbued with Love, Luck and Good Juju for both the giver and the receiver.

Creolette is my name. I am Guardian of the Gourmand. With me in your kitchen, your shrimp will always be fresh off the boat, your rice will never stick and your roux will always be dark, rich and thick enough to stand up a spoon. Your kitchen will be a warm and happy place, filled with great food and good juju.


Who DatWho Dat
Vendor: Whereable Art
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