Clementine Hunter A Day At Melrose Plantation Embroidered Pillow CH7300

$ 298.00

We are happy to introduce the artwork of Clementine Hunter on all hand embroidered pillows. Each of these pillows is a work of art. Spectacularly, it takes two skilled artisans two weeks (approximately 95 hours) to embroider just one beautiful pillow. In fact, each artisan signs his/her name on the care instruction label to identify which artisans embroidered that particular pillow. No two pillows are exactly alike. Each pillow is made of 100% organic cotton and filled with the highest quality micro fiber. On the back of each pillow, the artisans have hand embroidered the name of the Clementine Hunter painting, The Clementine Hunter Collection and the year it was created. Additionally, we added ties to the back of the pillows to represent the period of time when Clementine Hunter was originally painting her masterpieces.

Dimensions: 20" x 20" 
Care: Dry Clean Only

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