Two's Company

FROM 1969 through to today, Two's Company strives to present unique home décor and gift items to our customer’s excitement with every new launch. From exotic accessories inspired by the treasures of the sea, to elegant objects recalling the Hollywood Regency era, to charming and whimsical summer icons, Two’s Signature offers an abundance of innovative trend forecasting designs distinguished by their good value and originality.

RICH INSPIRATION from globe spanning travels always ensures that we are one step ahead in the showcase of products that are timeless. Whether it is the result of a visit to a trade show in Paris or London, or originating from small cities in China and India, each product theme recalls an experience captured by the colors, shapes and textures which go into every new Two's Company collection.

TWO’S COMPANY IS DEDICATED to innovation and trendsetting in giftware and home decor and prides itself in providing high style fashion, gift and home products at moderate prices.



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