Clementine Hunter Cotton Mural Dinner Plate Ch4000

$ 44.00

Gitter Gallery is pleased to introduce Clementine Hunter's artwork on hand made dinnerware. They have selected four of her favorite subjects: Cotton Picking, Pecan Picking, A Day At Melrose Plantation, and The Cotton Mural. Each scene depicts what life was like in the rural south prior to mechanization coming to agriculture. Each 10 inch dinner plate is completely hand painted. No two pieces are exactly alike. Each piece has its own distinctive shape whose textured surface allows you to feel the passion in her work.

Clementine Hunter depicts the horse drawn wagon hauling cotton from the fields to the gin as it was done for hundreds of years before tractors were used. Here you see the cotton pickers, the horse drawn wagon, the cotton being bailed and the cotton gin all in the same narrative scene. Clementine Hunter lived and worked on Melrose Plantation, one of the largest cotton farms in Louisiana. With each piece purchased, a percentage of the proceeds will go toward preservation and interpretation of the Clementine Hunter House at Melrose Plantation, a National Historical Landmark.

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