Clementine Hunter Pecan Picking Fully Embroidered Pillow

$ 158.00

Each of pillow from the Gitter Gallery Clementine Hunter Collection is a work of art. Amazingly, It takes over two weeks (approximately 95 hours) for two highly skilled artisans to fully hand embroider just one of these pillows. Each pillow is unique because each artisan has his/her own unique style. The pillow is made of 100% organic cotton and measures 20"x20". Dry Clean Only.

Clementine Hunter lived on Melrose Plantation in central Louisiana for most of her life. The plantation had large pecan orchards, and in this scene Clementine captured the work of threshing the trees and picking up the pecans that fell from the trees. Clementine depicts a teenager hanging upside down to shake the trees so the pecans could fall to the ground for the ladies to pick up and place in their buckets. With each piece purchased, a percentage of the proceeds will go toward preservation and interpretation of the Clementine Hunter House at Melrose Plantation, a National Historical Landmark.

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