Consuela Candy Crush Tangerine Dream Grand Tote, Candy Crush Collection

$ 450.00

Stand out and celebrate you with the The Candy Crush Collection. Get lost amidst this candy colored paradise where glamour meets sophistication. These delectable bags are all trimmed with the finest Italian leather. This leather burnishes over time enhancing it’s beauty. We love this natural leather because it will soften darken and mold to your life with everyday use. The Tangerine Dream becomes a reality with this chic perfectly sized travel companion. The Consuela Grande Totes are the perfect size for those that need all the storage they can get and then some. These roomy bags deliver style and space with plenty of room to spare! The zippered pocket on the interior is perfect for carrying valuables. The Smoke bag envelopes you in worldliness as you slide on the quilted textile patent and fine Italian natural dye-free leather.

Size: 18/ 1/4" (W) x 15" (H) x 9 1/2" (D) 

Vendor: Consuela
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