Gabby Gumbo Art Mardi Gras Umbrella Stand

$ 60.00

Mardi Gras Umbrella Stand by Gabby Gumbo: What better place to store your Mardi Gras canes & Second Line umbrellas?!?! Hand-painted on all four sides with clear coat finish, *approximately 24 x 4.5 x 4" on 1/2" MDF.

New Orleans artist Gabby Gumbo creates hand-painted funky art with "a little bit of dis...a little bit of dat." Featuring local themes and sayings with a folk-art style, her hand-painted wooden signs will put you in the mood for a little crawfish and dancin'.

*Sizes and colors may vary slightly due to the hand-made and re-purposed nature of the work.

Vendor: Gabby Gumbo
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