Lovepop Bumblebee 3D Card

$ 14.95

The Bumblebee pop up features a forest green cover laser-cut with a buzzing black and yellow bumblebee flying to a beautiful pink flower.

Inside the elegant Bumblebee card, a black and yellow bumblebee is perched upon a pink flower that is in need of pollination. Along the inner panels, a lush landscape of leaves and flowers is printed in both shades greens and pinks.

Inspiration for the Bumblebee Pop up Card:
Lovepop design intern Kincso was inspired to create this excellent design because of the bumblebee’s fascinating appearance and sense of community.

According to Kincso, “Communicating the charm and elegance of the bumblebee without making it too realistic and thus insect-like was challenging. Eventually, I achieved a cute looking bee without sacrificing the creature’s impressive appearance and character, which is something I’m proud of.”

Kincso and everyone at Lovepop know that this pop up will have you buzzin’ with excitement!

Occasions for the Bumblebee Pop up Card:
The Bumblebee card is perfect to give to the “busy bee” who is always on the go or the bee aficionado in your life.

The Bumblebee pop up is also great to give to someone you know who values community and togetherness -- just like a bee and its hive.

The Bumblebee pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

Vendor: Lovepop
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