Lovepop Happy Birthday Cake 3D Card

$ 14.95

The Happy Birthday Cake design is sprinkled and spectacular with a bright metallic gold cover and a vibrant multi-layer laser cut cake. Once popped open, the 3D three-tier pastel confectionary creation emerges against a simple striped background. A single candle sits alight at the top — ready for a wish.

Inspiration for the Happy Birthday Cake Pop up Card:
As a collaborative effort of the design team, the Happy Birthday Cake card is a party in the making. With rainbow sprinkles, shimmering metallic elements, and cylindrical 3D structure, the designers were inspired to create the best cake they (never) ate.  

Occasions for the Happy Birthday Cake Pop up Card:
Anyone, anywhere on their birthday. Seriously!

The Happy Birthday Cake pop up card is 5 inches wide by 7 inches tall.

Vendor: Lovepop
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