Lovepop Willow Tree 3D Card

$ 14.95

The green cover of this anniversary pop-up card features a laser-cut illustration of a beautiful silhouette of a weeping willow tree in a rolling meadow at sunset.

Open the Willow Tree Card to reveal an intricate pop up of a willow tree swaying in the wind. The delicate design of this tree makes it appear hyperrealistic. The card is decorated with embellishments of loose leaves scattered around the tree sculpture and outer corners of the card.

Inspiration for the Willow Tree Pop-Up Anniversary Card:

This anniversary card is reminiscent of scenic strolls through City Park, Audubon Park and all along the Lakefront where greenery is all around.

Occasions for the 3D Pop-Up Willow Tree Anniversary Card:

This floral card is a lovely anniversary gift to remind your loved one of those walks in the park. Gift this card to the nature lover with an appreciation for trees and greenery as well. The willow tree speaks for itself for all kinds of occasions.


The Willow Tree Pop-Up Card is 6 inches wide by 8.3 inches tall.

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