Royal Apothic Dogwood Interior Parfum

$ 36.00

Inspired by vintage English manors and the classic flowers that filled their gardens, Conservatories is a modern romantic scent collection.

Resembling vintage decanters in gorgeous jewel-tones, the Interior Perfumes look as beautiful as they smell and are meant to be left out to compliment any counter or dressing table.

10 fl oz.

Top Notes: Tobacco Flower, Warm Amber


Middle Notes: Ginger, Cocoa, Honey


Base Notes: Tonka Bean, Teakwood

A chance encounter in a London bookstore led the founder of Royal Apothic to an unworldly discovery. An apothecaries manual, lost to time, was discovered tucked upon a shelf and would become the inspiration for their collection of unique fragrances and amazing formulations.



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