Spirograph Deluxe Set

  • Spirograph Deluxe Set
  • Spirograph Deluxe Set
  • Spirograph Deluxe Set
$ 35.00
The Original Spirograph - an invention like none other. Created by mechanical engineer, Denys Fisher – the Spirograph, originally a drafting tool, was an instant hit in the toy world. It’s been fascinating people ever since its first introduction in 1965.

Beautiful, intricate designs from the motion of gears around wheels – the mathematics and art of it are awe-inspiring.

The Deluxe Original Spirograph is a revolution that’s even better! Discover complex beauty and simple pleasures as mathematics becomes art!

Without taking from the original integrity of the toy, little improvements make a big difference! You’ll love the minor adaptations to this Original Spirograph set:

Deluxe Original Spirograph – A classic drawing toy
  • The same integrity of the Original 1965 Spirograph, with select improvements
  • Encourages fine motor skills, creativity and critical thinking
  • Allows anyone to draw elegant, artistic designs and pictures
  • 19 re-engineered gears and 2 wheels to mix and match
  • 1 rack, 3-ounces of reusable Spiro-Putty to secure pieces while creating
  • 3 retractable ball point pens, 20 sheets design paper
  • 14 page Design Guide; Step-by-step teaching for remarkable patterns
  • Durable carry-along storage case with a built-in work surface
  • Pieces snap neatly into interior of case
  • Suitable for use with most standard pens and pencils
  • 45 pieces
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