Three Little Shrimp by J. Steven Spires

$ 16.99

Written by J. Steven Spires and Illustrated by Jonathan Caron

Three little shrimp are swimming happily with their troop… one adventurer, one follower, and one worrier. As their eyes fall upon the wonders around them, they suddenly get an idea. Two are ready to explore. The other is not sure.  There is only one problem – unseen dangers lurk in the water. What will they do? Dive into the sea to follow three very curious little shrimp as they innocently explore and narrowly escape becoming a predator’s next meal, egrets, red fish and a loggerhead turtle all love shrimp! If they make past those, they still have to contend with fisherman!

This new and updated edition by author J. Steven Spires and illustrator Jonathan Caron improves on the original by providing both readers and teachers new and up-to-date information on this amazing crustacean with the addition of a page called “The Amazing Shrimp,” a page packed with definitions, statistics and “you won’t believe it facts” about shrimp!

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