John Marc Anderson Jesuit Plaque

$ 60.00 – $ 70.00

Marc’s smaller panel sized pieces are ideal gifts the entire year. Neutral or with plenty of blue skies, New Orleans beloved icons in three dimensions are astonishing to hold and study.

John Marc Anderson is originally from Washington, D.C., and moved to New Orleans in 2003. He is a graduate of the University of Maryland at College Park, and attended graduate school at the Florida Institute of Technology. Marc was an executive in the bedding industry for 20+ years, but has owned many other businesses, including retail, manufacturing, and pioneering many categories in e-commerce. He is also an industrial designer, inventor and author. Most collectors of Marc’s work are familiar with his unusual process. Beginning with a rigid foam sculpture that typically measures up to 60” wide by up to 72” tall, he carefully hand carves each original from memory, using no frame of reference other than his own quick sketches and renderings.
$ 60.00
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