Douglas Sparkle Light & Sound Unicorn

$ 30.00

No fairytale adventure is complete without a magical animal sidekick! Sparkle is a winged Unicorn plush with exciting interactive features. All it takes is a touch of her ear to activate glowing lights in her wings and enchanting sound effects! Crafted in cuddly materials, her rosy colored coat features soft whorls of fur for a texture that’s irresistibly pettable. An iridescent gleam accents Sparkle’s wings and horn for a fun, fantasy shimmer. With a twinkle of her bright, pink eyes, this plucky Unicorn foal will lead you on to where the misty mountains touch the sky. Add a dash of fanciful fun to your make-believe adventures with Sparkle, the Light & Sound Unicorn stuffed animal!
Vendor: Douglas Toys
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