Galatoire'S Cookbook By Melvin Rodrigue

$ 24.95

Winner of the James Beard Foundation’s Award for Outstanding Restaurant of 2005

Nestled in the heart of the French Quarter, among the stately townhouses and ornate iron balconies, you’ll find New Orleans’ favorite restaurant. A century after opening its doors, Galatoire’s has become a time-honored New Orleans tradition that draws devoted customers again and again to mark their special occasions. Visitors come from far and wide, knowing that the food will be sublime and the atmosphere warm and inviting.

Galatoire’s Cookbook captures the essence of this storied establishment, with more than 140 recipes for its signature dishes. The restaurant’s unparalleled reputation begins with its emphasis on elegant, locally inspired fare. Anchored in the French Creole tradition, the cuisine of Galatoire’s reflects the bounty of regional seafood, from briny oysters to sweet crawfish; and the family recipes elevate fresh produce, poultry, and game to new levels with sauces and spices that lend unique flavor to each dish.

All of the traditional Galatoire’s favorites are here for the home cook to re-create, from tangy Shrimp Remoulade to classic Creole Seafood Gumbo. And there’s a recipe for every occasion—whether you’re looking for an indulgent brunch such as Crab Sardou, a hearty showstopper like Venison Fillet with Juniper Berry Demi-Glace, or an easy, delicious weeknight dinner of fresh fish drizzled with lemony Hollandaise sauce. Brandy Milk Punch and Champagne Cocktails add sparkle to your evening, and your guests will love sweet finishes such as Bread Pudding with Banana Sauce or Chocolate Pecan Pie—if they can find room after the meal!

This colorful chronicle also offers highlights from the history of the family that has made the restaurant great and captures some of the most memorable festivities that have taken place within its walls. Galatoire’s Cookbook is the ultimate celebration of one of New Orleans’ most beloved restaurants.
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