I Wanna Do That! The Magic Of Mardi Gras Marching Krewes By Echo Olander

$ 40.00

The move from spectator to participant is a quantum leap. Yet each Mardi Gras in New Orleans, thousands of people make that leap, abandoning inhibition and reveling in the ever-growing creative phenomenon of marching krewes.

To celebrate this untold story, I Wanna Do That! Celebrating the Magic of Mardi Gras Marching Krewes, bursts with over 200 full color photographs that document this important New Orleans-centered cultural movement. As local arts critic Doug McCash says, "At this juncture, marching krewes are one of the best art stories in the city.", what is a marching krewe?

Simply put, a marching krewe is a group of like-minded people who get together for the purpose of marching in parades that take place during the Carnival (Mardi Gras) season.

These krewes come in all shapes, sizes, and variations, yet they all share the attributes of creativity, artistry, quirkiness, humor, inclusiveness, and accessibility. Krewes are composed of people who practice dance moves, sew costumes, and create “throws” to hand out to a covetous public. People for whom participation is a badge of civic identity. People who at one point stood on the curb and said “I wanna do THAT!!”

Realizing that the marching krewe field has expanded exponentially, our team knew it was a story that must be told. Two incredibly talented local photographers worked tirelessly to document the creative energy of the 2020 Mardi Gras season for this book, to tell and share the unique story of the 300+ marching krewes in New Orleans. I Wanna Do That! is perfect gift for anyone who loves New Orleans.

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