M&K House Handmade Sari Tote Bags

$ 82.00

The Sari Bag roomy enough to use as your carry on or a weekend bag. We can pack about 5 days in one! As a festival bag, it will hold snacks, a water bottle, sari blankets, a sweater & some small necessities. The Sari Bag is machine washable & reversible. It has a 3-point adjustable strap.

Each item is unique in pattern & color scheme

About the Artists
M&K House is a mother/daughter TEAM specializing in handmade, boho products made from fabric that has been hand-stitched from vintage saris by ladies escaping work in the red-light district of India. From this unique & colorful fabric, they make blankets, bags, seats, jewelry, shirts, swaddles, zippie bags, scarves, backpacks & more!
M&K House is truly a TEAM, working & creating together....building their lives one day at a time....and having the MOST FUN along the way!

Vendor: M&K House
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