Tamar Taylor Two Story Shotgun House, Multiple Colors

$ 46.00

Few things represent New Orleans better than her architecture. Artist Tamar Taylor truly captures the charm and whimsy that is so iconic to New Orleans and her beloved "shotgun" homes.

Each piece is hand-crafted with great attention to detail, cast in plaster - individually poured into unique molds - and then hand painted, so that each piece is one of a kind.  Because of the hand-crafted nature of her work, each item will have subtle differences and will vary from the image represented here.

Tamar Taylor's pieces are painted in high quality acrylic paint - achieving their familiar paint "wash" appearance seen here in the photos, and embedded with a sturdy hook for easy hanging.

The Small Single Shotgun House is approximately 7"H x 4"W, though size will vary slightly.  They are offered in six basic colors online but shade and tone will vary, due to the original nature of this one of a kind art.  Balcony with or without railing available; inventory will vary. Please contact us if looking for a color not offered here.

***Available for in-store pick-up only.

Vendor: Tamar Taylor
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