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Neighborhoods of New Orleans: Mid-City

by Kathleen Carroll-Stutts 05 Feb 2016 0 Comments

There is truly no other city like New Orleans, with its unique mix of laid-back southern charm and festive creole culture. The neighborhoods of NOLA, as any local knows, are just as individually unique as the city itself. From the Oaks of Uptown to the updated 1920's shotgun homes of Lakeview, each has its own energy, its own music, its own style.

In our Neighborhoods of New Orleans Style Guide, we'll celebrate the spirit of some of NOLA's most-loved neighborhoods. We'll also share some of our favorite picks for reflecting the style of your favorite New Orleans zip code!

Neighborhoods of New Orleans Style Guide: Mid-City

To kick it off, we'll start by helping you create that quirky, artsy, but laid-back style that is quintessential Mid-City. Nestled right in the center of the city, Mid-City used to be considered the "back of town," when it butted up against swamp land. Now the area offers culture, food, and arts, whether kayaking on Bayou St. John, visiting the New Orleans Museum of Art in City Park, or sipping Mimosas for brunch on the porch at Cafe Degas.

 1. French Market Designs Gumbo Bowls

Microwave and dishwasher safe, if it’s in gumbo – it’s on the French Market Designs gumbo bowl.  For heaping helpings of gumbo, this extra large bowl is almost too fun to fill. Serve up a hot, steaming bowl of soul-soothing gumbo to your guests or just enjoy a bowl yourself while curled up watching an episode of Treme. 

2. Hand-Painted Canvases by New Orleans Artist Jax Frey

Coined "Little Views," Jax Frey's 4x4 chunky canvases are wildly colorful and feature highly textured depictions of NOLA favorites. Who doesn't want a half dozen every day? And just like oysters, these adorable little puppies are better in groups...hang them on your kitchen wall next to your list for making groceries or stack them on a pile of New Orleans coffee table books.




3. Arthur Court's Alligator Collection

The Louisiana alligator just brings one back to hot, humid summer afternoons, strolling along City Park's lagoons or by the bayou.  Arthur Court's aluminum serving pieces are at once stunning and sturdy. Good for the fridge, dishwasher (low heat), or oven, they make for great oven-to-table entertaining. And no polishing required means easy Mid-City living.


4. Mad Darling's Mid-City Muse Candle

Mad Darling's 8 ounce Mid-City Muse candle smells of green bamboo and will make you want to put on a long skirt and dance barefoot! Inspired by the city's culture and character, Mad Darling candles are hand-poured in small batches with 100% all natural soy and cotton wicks right here in New Orleans, Louisiana. 


Stay tuned for more shout outs to our favorite NOLA neighborhoods. Be sure not to miss yours and post your comments here on what you love about your NOLA hood!

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