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Little Miss Muffin's Inspo

Space Travel

by Monique Sobrino 03 Aug 2021 0 Comments

In recent news, we are witnessing the onset of personal space travel. For our little ones, learning about personal space travel will be as important as learning about Neil Armstrong.

The children’s book “Hey Papa Dude! What’s Out There?” By Papa Dude (Steven Scaffidi) is a great book that explains space and space travel to children.  In his book, he explains the universe, planets, and the history of space travel.  Since the 1960’s, more than 560 people have gone up into space. Imagine taking a vacation on Mars!

“Hey Papa Dude! What’s Out There?” by Steven Scaffidi


Congratulations to Steve Scaffidi for successfully writing a series of books that nurtures the spirit of adventure while merging it with facts and knowledge.  He encourages children to ask what is the next adventure you will share!  The Papa Dude Series is a great way to engage little ones with reading, learning and adventure.  Once Papa Dude and his side kick Charlie have been introduced to your eager learner, there will be no stopping their desire to see what antics they are up to next.  Imagination and the desire to learn can easily be reinforced by the different adventures Papa Dude will take your child on in each one of the series of the Papa Dude stories. 


Other books:

“Hey Papa Dude! Can We Take a Road Trip?” By Steven Scaffidi 

“Hey Papa Dude! Why Do Kids Love Going to the Zoo?” By Steven Scaffidi 

Books also available at the Audubon Zoo.



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