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Artist Spotlight: WHEREable Art Showcases Mutual Inspiration and Creative Partnership

by Little Miss Muffin Staff 10 Aug 2023

whereable art artist spotlight little miss muffin

Where art and practicality unite, WHEREable Art stands as a mission-driven clothing and home goods business that creates and elevates artistic inspiration in retail.

Cofounder Karen Sulzer describes "that mutual inspiration": "WHEREable Art thrives at the intersection between creative and effective business partnerships. At the heart of WHEREable Art's early successes is continued exploration of the gumbo-esque trinity of local artists, production capabilities, and retail prowess."

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When the pandemic caused a global shutdown in 2020, businesses worldwide had to pivot their strategies and communications to connect with customers and their products, including local artists, production companies, and retail stores.

whereable art galatoire's maskCofounders Karen Sulzer, Monique Duclaux, and Oliver Sobrino transformed this hurdle into an opportunity with their combined creative forces and production business meets retail store. And so, WHEREable Art took root to support their businesses and local artists with a practical approach and solution to the calamity of the pandemic era.

"There was real synergy there," said Karen. "At that time, we had to wear masks. And if we had to wear and produce masks, we wanted them to align with New Orleans' essence -- artistic, creative and festive."

"We realized that for these masks to align with the store's image and appeal, they needed to possess an artistic flair," said Monique. "Consequently, we engaged with several artists with whom I had established connections. Our proposition to them was, 'Would you be open to allowing us to feature your artwork on our masks?'"

"The term 'WHEREable' encompasses wearables and wearable art, serving as a reminder we have the capacity to transcend the challenges that confront us," said Karen.

In this way, WHEREable Art offers their partner artists a new avenue for expanding the reach of their art and creative expressions. Also expanding through this partnership is the artist's business, empowering artists with the stability and flexibility to continue to create, focus on, and explore their artistry.

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In the form of artful home goods, clothing, and accessories, the artists' original designs can leap from the canvas as a drawing or painting and into the homes and living spaces of their customers and art enthusiasts.

"One of the interesting things about WHEREable Art is the different genres and markets we reach," said Monique. "We started working with local artists by supporting, inspiring, and partnering with them. And then that led into something significant to Karen and me: the spiritual journey she and I share." 

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Like the artists their business supports, the WHEREable Art founders have been on their journey of intuitively sensing and following the creative impulse to places and outcomes beyond their original dreams.

WHEREable Art serves as a platform to bring ideas to life. Through apparel, home goods, and more, this trio and their artist partners share New Orleans-inspired art with the local community and nationwide retail market, merging creativity with practicality. 

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In addition to working with local artists, WHEREable Art has also made strides in integrating thoughtful product creation with fundraising efforts for local organizations and institutions.

WHEREable Art is currently crafting a fundraising endeavor in collaboration with local high schools, intending to launch this collaborative collection in early 2024. This mission-driven focus remains at the core of WHEREable Art's heart-centered business endeavors.

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"The underlying essence that nurtures this enterprise revolves around establishing a substantial operation that, in turn, contributes to entities like Raphael Village," said Monique. "The overarching goal is to provide avenues for supportive employment opportunities. Recognizing the potential of these young adults and configuring the business landscape to align with their strengths is crucial for their success."

Creatively inspired, WHEREable Art strives to empower artists and young adults with diverse abilities. Practically minded, their products go one step further to support organizations, causes, and small businesses that uplift the local community of New Orleans and beyond. 

Discover wholesale opportunities with WHEREable Art here or via email at

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