What The Sleepy Animals Do At The Audubon Zoo

$ 18.95

What the Sleepy Animals Do at the Audubon Zoo by Grace Milsaps (Author), Ryan Murphey (Author), John Clark IV (Illustrator) and Alyson Kilday (Illustrator)

Rhinos rock out. Alligators stroll under limbo polls. Elephants pound the piano. Pelicans cater.

Ever wonder why the animals at the zoo are always so sleepy? When Renee asks her father why the zoo animals are snoozing all day, he dreams up an elaborate answer. At night, the monkeys steal the zookeeper's keys, and all of the animals come out of their cages to dance, eat, and play. By the time the visitors arrive in the morning, the animals are all tuckered out. Renee doesn't believe her father’s tale, but dads have a way of being right about these things.

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