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Easter Baskets and Gifts for Springtime Celebrations

by Little Miss Muffin Staff 20 Mar 2023

easter baskets and gifts

Springtime graces New Orleans with warming weather and sweet-smelling flora — the perfect time for adorable florals, baskets, and pastels as Easter season arrives!

Little Miss Muffin has all of the gifts, toys, sweets, and other Easter-themed lagniappe to fill your baskets with joy and abundance as we celebrate family and rebirth this spring season.


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Easter Baskets and Gifts

from local and regional artists


Easter Baskets and Bunnies

Springtime icons — the bunny and the basket! We have a variety of soft plush Easter bunnies and Easter-themed baskets and buckets for all your holiday gift-giving.

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easter baskets sunshine furry bunny basket easter bunny jellycat woodland bunny sunshine easter baskets easter basket gifts douglas toys easter bunny plush mini natural colors

easter basket gifts douglas toys easter bunny plush sunshine easter baskets tutu easter basket gifts bunnies by the bay wee brownie easter bunny plush easter baskets sunshine gingham basket

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Easter Basket Gifts

Fill this year's Easter baskets with gifts, toys, books, and sweet treats! We have all the springtime colors, Easter eggs, and seasonal items to create a memorable arrangement for kids and adults of all ages.

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easter basket gifts ceramic eggs 180 degrees easter basket gifts edible easter grass galerie candy easter basket gifts galerie candy easter gumball set easter baskets gifts top trenz omg easter fidgety minis
easter basket gifts rainbow butterfly crayons easter basket gifts essentially nola rainbow eggs bath bombs set easter basket gifts fizz bizz bunny bath salts easter basket gifts 180 degrees easter bunny glasses
easter basket gifts just bubbly easter soaps duck easter basket gifts bunny ears book easter basket gifts who can i find book easter basket gifts omg top trenz fo squeezy bunnies

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Easter Home Decor

We love springtime flowers and Easter colors for your home and ours. These decor pieces from local artists and beyond bring a touch of floral and seasonal scenery to your Easter celebrations.

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easter home decor 504 funk magnolia door hanger easter home decor michelle's art box iris glassware easter basket home decor magnolia creative champagne chiller easter home decor nora fleming topper purple peep bunny

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Why not let Little Miss Muffin build an Easter basket for you?

Little Miss Muffin would love the opportunity to create for you a one-of-a-kind carrot-wrapped gift basket

When placing your online Easter basket order, let us know in the comments the age of your child along with any important information (i.e., likes and dislikes, colors, themes, activities, candy or no candy, etc.).

After we receive your order, we will get to work putting together the perfect baskets for your little ones! Please allow 2-3 days for processing + the allotted shipping time.

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little miss muffin easter baskets little miss muffin easter baskets little miss muffin easter baskets

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little miss muffin logo new orleans saints home decor

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