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Artist Spotlight: Jan Salzer Art Honors the Hearth of Home and Family

by Little Miss Muffin Staff 04 Apr 2023

jan salzer art

Whether you're attending a dinner party or strolling through Little Miss Muffin, you can't miss the bright and beautiful ceramic centerpieces from Jan Salzer Art.

From dinner plates and serving bowls to king cake and French bread platters, the vision and creative inspiration for local artisan Jan Salzer's handpainted works are clear: family, food, and festivities. 

"If it has a Cajun flavor, I paint it," Jan says.

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jan salzer art blue purple shrimp platter jan salzer art rectangular shrimp platter jan salzer square shrimp platter jan salzer art rainbow shrimp platter

Jan Salzer's journey as an artist has its roots in a family celebration, her daughter's wedding. At the bride's request, Jan created 200 handpainted tiles featuring various Louisiana-themed designs.

This creative labor of love sparked Jan's interest in working with the kiln, and of handpainting one-of-a-kind ceramics inspired by her beloved surroundings. She began showcasing her work at local art markets, and one customer's special request began the next chapter of Jan Salzer Art.

"Somebody came to me, they had a wedding to go to, and it was a crawfish boil, so they asked if I could make a wedding plate," says Jan. "So that's how my crawfish wedding plates came to be." 

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jan salzer art st catherine church platter jan salzer new orleans wedding platters crawfish jan salzer art alligator wedding platter jan salzer art st louis cathedral platter


Jan's work at the kiln reflects the family-focused atmosphere where her creative spark took shape. Her collections of handpainted ceramic plates, bowls, and dishware express this love and appreciation of family and connecting with loved ones around the dinner table.

In both function and design, her artwork reminds us of the importance of gathering loved ones in and around the kitchen — the hearth of the home where family connections deepen and strengthen over shared food, drinks, and stories. 

Many of Jan Salzer Art's happy patrons also love opening their homes for New Orleans' festival seasons and year-round party-planning. Here, Jan's artistic handiworks are a perfect fit for fun conversation starters, as each nibble of delectable nom-noms reveals the artistry of the decorative container itself. 

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jan salzer art pelican large square bowl jan salzer art pelican large french bread platter jan salzer art pelican bowls jan salzer art large pelican square platter


Aligned with that love of family, local culture, and bringing loved ones together, Jan Salzer's creations have found a treasured home with Little Miss Muffin. Jan's products have become a fixture in the store, and a go-to recommendation for a unique and memorable gift for any occasion.

From local foods, fauna, and festivals to Louisiana landmarks and sports teams, Jan's charming decorative dishes showcase local culture to the delight of Little Miss Muffin's customers, including New Orleans natives and visitors alike.

"Everything I make has a Louisiana theme," says Jan. "It's just been a fun process." 

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jan salzer new orleans jazz fest french bread platter jan salzer art jazz fest square platter jan salzer art jazz fest fruit bowl jan salzer new orleans jazz fest large bowl


"We have customers come in asking, 'What's new from Jan Salzer? What can I add to my collection?' says Monique Duclaux, owner of Little Miss Muffin. 

That collection of handpainted dinner plates, bowls, and dishware can grow with the family themselves, from wedding and holiday gifts to heirlooms passed down to future generations.

And with these special decor pieces are the love and good energy encapsulated in each meal, party, and memorable moment shared while gathered around Jan Salzer's artistic creations — handmade for love of home and with love of family. 

jan salzer art wedding plate
jan salzer art
jan salzer art wedding tiles


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